Vodafone Technology Security

Our customers know they face a wide range of cyber threats which could impact them as consumers, or their enterprise operations and brand. We know they're looking for trusted partners with the right expertise to stand with them and help them secure their operations from end to end. Vodafone UK are passionate about helping our customers protect themselves, and their businesses in an unpredictable world. From management of network perimeters, detecting and responding to threats, and protection for applications critical to business and customers personal and financial information. Vodafone are committed to building and growing our infrastructure and capability in the UK, with the talented employees that can secure what is most important to our customers.
We are currently expanding across many areas of Technology Security, and will be looking to build a larger, dedicated team to help us to continue to offer the very best in a rapidly evolving and complex area of our business. There is a lot happening in the Technology Security space right now, and we are looking for resilient individuals that can work closely with the UK business, and in partnership with our Group Enterprise colleagues to ensure that every one of our customers - from individual consumers accessing a range of our converged services, through to the most recognisable brands, and public sector bodies supporting critical national infrastructure - are protected, and that our customers are able to protect what is important to their customers.
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